Saturday, May 31, 2014

72 Aural fullness

Speaking of physical issues, aural fullness has been bothering me for about 3months. It happens every morning on the way to work, then it disappears when I don't notice during the day. Obviously it got to do with stress at work, since it only happens during the week without fail,  although it sometimes happened on weekends, when I went out taking a train in the morning (probably conditioned reflex).

It is strange because I don't feel stressed going to work. Actually I like my work. But my left ear becomes stuffy, which seems to imply that "I don't want to hear" maybe someone sitting on my left? Nevertheless,  the gentleman on my left is very nice and keeps good company with me.

Anyway, I observe the moment it happens every morning, and look forward to the day it won't happen. Sometimes it started even I before I left home, or sometimes it didn't start until I transferred to the last train to work. (I usually take 3 trains).

And finally the day has finally arrived! I appreciated so much that I started work with clear hearing. How comfortable it was! How wonderful it feels if body functions normal! 

It must be the Yoga class I attended last night. Besides swimming, Yoga was one of the things I've been wanting to do but never made the extra efforts to make it happen for years. Now that I'm supposed to exercise to reduce pain in my ribs among other physical issues, and my family is supporting me for the luxury after work.

71 Pain in the ribs

So dry skin and short breath issue are solved already, theoretically. Now a new issue took over, which is the intense pain around my rib cage.

It started around last December, after Bon Jovi concert, so I casually thought I had a muscle ache from jumping around too much during the show. But it never went away, and the painful parts changed around. I couldn't cough or laugh, or sneeze because it hurt to do any of them.

It's actually strange that I haven't sneezed for months because my body automatically stops sneeze from happening.

I suspected intercostal neuralgia, or doubted if my breast cancer metastasized to lungs or bones. But none of the symptoms I searched  on the internet rang the bell.

When my healer friend visited Tokyo from Vancouver, she introduced me to her great healer friend, Kevin, and his healing place, and also the New Scan Therapy which is one of the therapies they offer.

I coincidentally found that a long lost friend is currently the number one disciple to Kevin! Soon I found out that the three of us, Kevin, my old friend, and I share the same birthday. 

Kevin is actually a big figure and busy traveling to heal people, throw seminars, etc., but kindly offered me a healing the next day.

During the healing, he told me that my cancer was benign and it didn't have to be removed in the first place, and my body is greatly strained from the surgery. And the pains in the rib is owing to weakened muscles, so he recommended that I should walk a lot.

That  may be true, because I had not been walking much because of the shortness of the breath and fatigue. I used to walk 90 minutes a day last year.

Although the healing was very quick, the next day I felt the difference. The mean pain in my right shoulder (told it was at the beginning stage of frozen shoulder) became easy, and my hair didn't shed much in the shower (been noticed that my hair shed too much lately).

But..the pain in the rib still remains.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

70 Extreme dry skin and shortness of breath

Meanwhile, as I noted in earlier post, extreme dry-skin issue has been troubling me on and off. I didn't make it a big concern on purpose and tried to be friends with it, but with a little bit of fear deep down, to be honest.

The skin trouble subsided several times temporarily. One time the flaky skin got very smooth after a nice long bath in a hot spring after Forest Adventure, or another time when I stayed away from wheat on top of veganism. Or when I was told that it might be a 
symptom of  menopause, which was an eye-opener and a reliever. 

Finally, I found out that I had anemia in a fairly bad stage. So funny I didn't even suspect that. A doctor friend asked me to pull my eyelid down. And wow how white it looked!
That made sense, because besides dry skin, I've been having shortness of breath, and it was getting worse that I could hardly climb stairs these days, which I presumed another menopausal symptom. Now Anemia could cause those symptoms!

And after 7 months of resisting that "I should be fine",  finally I dropped/let go my ego and made an action to try a new treatment.

A good friend of mine who is a healer based in Canada, during her visit to Tokyo, she introduced me to a conventional therapy.

It uses infrasonic sound via a bone-conduction headphone to check frequency in almost 600 organs in the body to project how they are vibrating in 6 levels on the computer monitor, linked to anatomical graphics which could match closest to each patient's data from1600M data consisting of variety of ages and physical conditions, etc. 

And what it's so great about it is that it can also perform treatment in-situ, while the patient sits in front of the screen and observes it.

"New Scan Therapy", that is what it's called over here, was originally invented in Russia for checking astronauts's health before their departure into space.

From the therapy, in addition to where I already guessed to have problems, I found that I had some problems in my uterus and bladder. And by just one or two clicks, I could see the parts getting improved, from the level 5 to 2. (And I noticed the treatment effect the next morning. I didn't feel the urge to go to the bathroom first thing I woke up, and I had much less discharge.)

Coincidentally, at the healing place, I reconnected with an old friend who I had not seen for 20 years. He is one of the top healers there!