Saturday, August 31, 2013

47 Thyroid check-up

I finally made up my mind to have my thyroid checked. It's been 4 months since PET/CT showed something suspicious on both sides of my thyroid.

Although I was told at the breast clinic that breast cancer does not spread to thyroid, I also heard the opposite opinion coincidentally from my uncle indirectly. He's a medical doctor and heard that I got breast cancer from his brother (my Dad), and told Dad that it would make things complicated if it spread to thyroid, and that he was hoping it would't happen to me. Dad called me to tell me that without any clue, so I didn't tell him anything.

The hospital specialized in thyroid is located in the middle of Omotesando, one of the high-end fashion areas in Tokyo. Honestly, I wasn't excited to go there because that was where my previous work was at, reminding me of sour memories, and I wasn't interested in strolling up the crowded street, or shopping in the most expensive area any longer. Most of all, I was afraid to find out something fatal in my thyroid.

Wow, don't I sound negative enough? So I decided to enjoy the day instead, dressed up to explore the area with my daughter, just like we do in Disneyland, since its going to take a whole day, waiting between several checkups.

So it turned out fun, watching fashionable people, the high-end design and architecture, fancy sport car passing by, checking out fancy stores and cafes, etc.

I took blood test, palpation, ultrasound in between above fun. 

After 2 weekends, I came back for the results, and was told to take biopsy next time. 
Yikes. Good thing was, by ultrasound, the suspected areas appeared much smaller than how it looked by PET/CT. The doctor said ultrasound should be much more accurate, but I assumed "the bad area" gotten smaller by my higher vibration and better diet!

Monday, August 26, 2013

46 Non-physical Detox Effect?

I didn't notice then but to look back, there were a lot of things started to happen after the detox.

Spiritually speaking, after my energy and system been cleaned up, stagnant energy started moving to make things surfacing up, which was all great:

I heard from my lawyer that the stranded divorce case started happening,
I was told to move out in 2 months due to my land lord's situation (which led us to a better living),
I got a new boss at work, who totally revolutionized the old system and working situation, to make my life much easier at work,
and I heard from a friend, who introduced Divine Openings to me, just registered to attend 5 Day Silent Retreat in Ojai, CA, January 2013!

5 Day Silent Retreat seemed like the ultimate event for me, and I dreamed of attending it, too. I heard and read about how drastically it's been changing people's lives, and curing "incurable" diseases. 

I was so inspired but not ready to join yet. It would require me to take long leave from work and to leave my daughter behind, and most of all it would cost me a fortune to join from Japan, thus it seemed too unrealistic at that time.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

45 NTA (Nerve Transmission Adjustment) doctor

Boy, I had never experienced dizziness like that before! I could not even get out of bed to reach my phone. 

I felt very lucky to have a very helpful 9 year-old daughter who made carrot juice for me besides fixing her own breakfast.

By the next day I felt better enough to go to the NTA doctor*, who was the only doctor I relied on in Japan for more than 10 years, but unfortunately I hadn't been able to afford him lately (those really good treatments are not covered by insurance). It was about time to visit him  finally.

As always, he told me straight what was wrong with me: It's post-detox diet.

He found out I was on strict detox/diet and said it's not good to be too strict because getting back to normal diet is very difficult and dangerous for the body to adjust.

I felt better and went to work after the treatment.

For about a month I felt a bit dizzy but nothing compared to the first day.  Only once it got worse again within a month, and the doctor asked me if I was taking any supplement. Strange, but it was true that I had started taking "good for cancer" supplement someone sent for me. 

The doctor says if you notice a physical problem, suspect anything you recently started taking i.e supplements or change of diet.

So many supplements were recommended by many people, but I decided to stick with "being happy" and taking healthy food as much as possible.

I stopped going to the doctor after several times, partly because of time and money, but more I wanted to be proactive about curing myself by not relying on him, the miracle doctor. I will save him as the last resort!

* NTA (Nerve Transmission Adjustment) treatment which combines ancient Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, qigong, etc.)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

44 Post-detox issue

After the 30days of Incurables Program, I wasn't sure how to adjust my diet. There is no specific instruction what to do after detox, and that was one of the problems of self-taught program/not having an instructor.

We probably should stay as close as detox period: Raw and organic food, no salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, additives, animal-related food, but it was almost impossible to do so in Tokyo!

The first weekend after detox, I went out with my Mom to a vegan restaurant  to celebrate our health: She recovered enough to go out on her own, and I completed the 30-day. Although everything tasted a bit too salty for me, the food and atmosphere there was really fulfilling and made me feel happy.

My sense of relief started to prevail. The following weekend I visited my good friend who helped me through surgery. Although I started out "good" by bringing in lunch packed with veggies, 

as time passed by in her beautiful house on the hill looking down the ocean in gorgeous sunset hour, when California wine with cheese, prosciutto, and some gourmet appetizer was getting served in front of me, I couldn't find any reason to resist.

Ah, the Chardonnay tasted so wonderful. Then I gave myself permission to enjoy. 

Somehow my over-sensitiveness to regular food was gone while I was enjoying my pre-cancer favorite meal naturally. Life was good!

After a few days, however, I caught myself gotten irritated and depressed really badly for the first time in months. I am not sure if it was anything to do with change of diet. (Maybe I should have refrained from prosciutto or another glass of wine.)

Finally one morning after getting mad to my daughter and nagging her really badly the night before, I woke up in terrible dizziness. I could not move my head or eyes, and felt nauseous. Oops,did I drink too much last night? None! Then what happened?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

43 Sweet temptations to "stuff feelings"

Although my detox was not nearly perfect, I noticed how sensitive I became to salt, sugar, caffeine, and animal-scent (in dairy product and meat) as well as chemical additives. 

Neither of them made me feel good, however, sometimes I had urges to fill myself with those to "run away from sufferings". In such cases, every time after some moments of tasting them, I realized they were no comforts after all. Those were like "junk-switch", which would lead me to unhealthy appetite one after another once turned on. 

As Lola says, sugar, caffeine, alcohol would "stuff" your feelings. They may comfort you (numb you) temporarily, but as long as you don't "feel the feelings", there is no escape.

How weak to temptations we poor humans are!
Contrarily, I still cannot give up on all the "good" food in the world. I'm still in doubt that I have to deny all the fine cuisine in the whole world to justify "healthy eats". I wish to enjoy them carefreely once my system is back to normal. Or I'll leave it open and see how my appetite changes along the way at least!

Monday, August 12, 2013

42 Experiencing 30-day detox (Incurables Program)

I felt so light, slightly dizzy, craving for salty taste (most vegetables and fruit are naturally sweet) and solid and warm food. The good news was, in mid summer in Tokyo, I don't remember being too hot to walk for 90 minutes in total every day, or even felt tired, thanking to juicing power. 

There is a juice bar at a station I use, which often saved me on the way home, to make it home without fainting in hunger.

I got lots and lots of carrot pulp every day after making juice, which I hated to throw away, so every day I managed to make it into some meal. With flax seed oil and almonds with cinnamon to make it like a dessert, or with apple cider vinegar, sprouts and raw GARLIC* to make it a salad. My daughter had to eat a lot of carrot pulp in her meal, too.

Before getting allergic to carrots, I discovered spinach and banana juice (green smoothy), using a simple blender, which is much faster to make and no wasting pulp, and less sweet. 

There were little hurdles here and there: Going-outs, friends visiting, a short trip during the 30 days.

The funniest solution for lunch-outing was smuggling my healthy raw-food lunch and juice into McDonald's.
I think I did it for 3 different settings.

It was impossible to prepare raw food for 3 meals or more in mid summer, so I gave up being perfect on the trip, and simply did my best and avoided stress.

*Dr. Schulze recommends (raw) GARLIC and CAYENNE PEPPER the most powerful herbs to fight diseases.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

41 Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program

My mission during the program:
1. Get up 1hr early for preparation
2. Make enough juice to drink in the morning and to fill 2L water bottle to bring to work.
3. Make sure to supply enough organic carrots, beets, apples, oranges, blueberries, lemons, garlic, etc. (Suggested juice contents are different for each program)
4. Prepare raw food: fresh fruit&veggies, dried fruit, raw nuts to bring to work.
5. Walk 60-90 min. every day

Incurables Program consists of:
Week1. Bowel/Colon Cleansing
Week2. Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing
Week3. Kidney/Bladder Cleansing
Week4. Bowel/Colon Cleansing

Each cleansing program lasts 5 days, then 2 days interval (I made it on weekend) before moving on to the next one, in total said 30 days, but really 28 days for me.

Each program has specific herbal formulas, detox tea, etc. On intervals I could skip that part and stay with raw food and juice.

Again, I had never tried any "detox" or "fasting", in other words, I had never had tolerance without food, so I was very worried if I was going to make it...

But somehow, I cleared Week 1.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

40 Everything was perfect on the 1st day at work

I got a juicer and 2L water bottle ready to start Dr.Schulze's Incurables Program anytime, but I just wanted to wait and see how it would go at the new job. 

"How I would fit the job or people" would be my concern usually, but this time, "how I would handle my diet at work" was on top of it.

Well, now that I know I create my reality, so I shift concern to intention to "enjoy" and "appreciate" work and diet!

So there came the first day at work. The first hurdle was welcome lunch; I told my boss that I got some limitations on food without being too specific. Limitation on food means antisocial, which I'd hate, but I had to find a mutual solution. I decided to tell people that I got "some physical issues" thus taking healthy food to take care of myself. I had to protect myself from losing the job by mentioning "cancer", just to be safe.

I learned that most people were having desk lunch, which would be ideal for me to go on the detox program, so I decided to start from the next Monday.

I felt relaxed and fitted at work, which was a great relief. And I happened to find the lady sitting next to me was also very health-conscious, and knew a lot about veganism. It was incredible to meet someone this close, considering how Japanese people are ignorant about veganism.

After work, I stopped by the organic grocery store near the office to explore. It's fun to study all kinds of "good" food, but at the same time, It's a hard fact that every single healthy item costs about 3 times more than what I used to spend... 
"It's OK, I should be able to afford what I need, because I simply ASK for it!"

Of course yes. At the end of the day I came home to find that I unexpectedly received money in my bank account! It was the director of my previous job, concerned about my health and specially arranged retirement benefit for me. I am so grateful for him, as well as for the universe to make this miracle happen!

39 Natural Food by Natural Farming

After I returned from US, I had 5 days to adjust myself and living environment into the detox phase before starting a new job.

First of all for Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program, a lot of organic fruit and vegetables are required to make 4 gallons of juice/day. Financially realistically, I decided to use carrots mainly from the list, because I found a place delivers organic carrots in bulk.

For other veggies and fruit, I couldn't decide which delivery service to choose from, so I left that open and went out for a lunch appointment with friends who came to see me at the hospital.

I arrived at the vegan cafe too early, so I picked up a book and started reading. The book was about "Natural farming", which was the answer I was looking for! (This book is only available in Japanese as far as I know)

Before that, I easily felt safe when it's said "organic", although I didn't even know what "organic" exactly means or what are included. It must be better than regular products with agricultural chemicals, but "natural farming" was a whole new concept for me.

It was mind-blowing to learn what it takes to grow products naturally. It takes years and years for fertilized and damaged soil to return to natural state, as in the woods, so that products grow without pests. 

I bought the book and learned about natural farming vs organic farming, and since then I've been taking regular delivery service of naturally grown vegetables and brown rice. They taste gooood! I'm not sure if something like this is available outside Japan. 

I don't want to go too crazy on how safe what I eat, which would stress me out, so I eat "organic vegetables" with less pesticide use and also regular veggies sometimes, but I am just conscious of "good" food as much as I can.

There is a miracle powder which consists of scallop shell to remove pesticide residue and wax, which is very useful for non-organic products. What I'm using is distributed only in Japan, but I found something similar (the same?) for overseas: Scallo-P

Back to lunch at the cafe, the girls showed up and they saw me alive and healthy after the surgery without chemical treatment, and even looked better than ever, and they especially surprised how clear my skin became, which made me happy. 

The food there was very few greens with lots of brown rice and greasy fried tofu, but having a good time with friends helped!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

38 Thank-you notes

The next day was my daughter's 9th birthday, and we celebrated the day at Universal Studios. It's a fun place to be, but like all the other amusement parks, it's a hard place for a healthy-eater to get by. I was saved by a few bunches of organic grapes prepared by my thoughtful friend in the morning. 

But for dinner, since this 9 year-old girl hadn't gotten to eat anything meaty during this trip due to my condition, I took her to a steak house in the park. I wanted her to experience traditional American dining as well, which I used to enjoy, and might do again in future!

I just made it OK with grilled fish for myself, and overlooked little things I was supposed to stay away from. After all, it was her birthday! 

So we had a blast that day, and picked up our baggage at the same friend's to say good bye and thank you, then took off to Tokyo past midnight.

I am so thankful for all my friends who helped our stay comfortable and pleasurable, supported and cared about my health condition, and took care of my daughter. I love you all!

And I'm thankful to my breast cancer because I wouldn't have been able to enjoy and appreciate each moment like this without experiencing it.