Sunday, July 28, 2013

37 Amazing Vegan/Raw Food Restaurant

The next day we moved on to the next and the last friend's in West Hollywood. She is a successful business person running 2 companies based in the area, so cool and inspiring. 

She also understood my situation fully and kindly offered to look after my daughter so I could go to Erewhon to supply myself with organic needs. That was very nice of her! I

So there I soaked myself in organic land. It was so exciting to see all the advanced products not yet sold in Japan, and some familiar ones in much less price (most of organic products sold in Japan are imported from US). Too bad that the things I wanted to buy the most required me to live locally.

For dinner, she took us to this amazing organic vegan/raw food restaurant, "Cafe Gratitude", where she actually went to put us on the waiting list otherwise it would've been impossible to make a reservation on the day. She said the restaurant was one of the hottest spots in town!

Even the single fact that vegan is so popular makes me want to move to L.A.!  There are very few vegan restaurants in Tokyo. When it comes to raw food restaurant, as far as I know, there is only 1!

Her daughter who grew up to be a fine lady joined our dinner as a happy surprise, as well as another cheerful old friend, to make our table full of happy girls in all ages.

The food there was amazing! I wouldn't mind being vegan forever if I got to eat this quality food all the time!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

36 Dr. Schulze's store in Marina Del Rey

The next day we left Ellie's to go to Dr. Schulze's store in Marina Del Rey, which was another big destination for this trip. At the store we had arranged to meet another friends,  who we were going to stay with the night. They were the ones who got me into Dr. Schulze

One step in, and there it smelled so clean and herbal.

I was planning to buy one of the detox programs, but when I got to know the details by the sales lady, I got blown away.

During the 30 day detox program, I must drink fresh juice exclusively for the maximum result. It sounded impossible since I would be working full time at my new job.

It reminded me of the terminal cancer patients, who were constantly fed fresh juice, as I read in Gerson treatment.

According to the store, however, I was considered "seriously ill" , so I should try the most stoic way. 

They told me that fresh juice could be good up to 8 hours in good condition, so I could make a lot in the morning to bring to work, and I could eat raw food to avoid hunger i.e. bananas, dried fruit, raw nuts and veggies, etc.

My silly concern was that it would be killing me to prepare good-smelling food for my daughter while on detox! Also, I doubted if I could stick to it for that long since I had never even tried fasting for a day! What I've been doing is hard enough already... I can't handle hunger... there's so much work to do to prepare...

I was in a huge resistance.

What if I intend to cure and do without such strict detox....? Lola said follow what you and your body feel good about. This is where I still get confused, between if this is my mind is telling a story to resist or if this is what I (my large self) is saying no.

That was when my old friend Keith showed up with his lovely girl friend and daughter, so we got busy introducing new faces to each other, exchanging hugs, and brief updates.

Then what Keith told me opened my eyes,
"Well, if you are serious and committed to cure on your own instead of taking chemical treatment, don't you wanna try something extraordinary?"

He's right. there could be an easier way, but for me now, I need to try something special, so that I feel committed big time, in order to strengthen my intention to cure.

So I was convinced to try Incurables Program, and decided to get a juicer when I get home, arrange delivery of organic vegetables in bulk, get a big water bottle to carry around, and buy  a lot of raw food bars for emergency while in the US. 

All set.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

35 Live session with Lola Jones in Ojai_03

Some more encouraging and funny notes from Lola:

"In today's vibration you would've never been able to create a disease.
(good to hear!)
Give yourself freedom from what you historically created.
Most people are sitting in the physical result of past vibration.
We're looking at products of that,
'the physical monuments of history'!"

This made me laugh out loud. 
She is really funny, actually she gives importance to humor and laughter.

There is a study about laughter activates natural killer cells, too. 
In the same sense, being happy would work the same way!

So again, I'm the physical monument of my history! 
I can put it in the history book, and start a new life NOW!

At the end, I received Divine Openings from Lola and rested, and roamed around her property as kindly suggested.

I felt so good, and felt that all my pipes were open to let the energy flow. 

34 Live session with Lola Jones in Ojai_02

What Lola  told me saved my soul, and made me feel it's all right to be just who I am.
Then I realized I hadn't talked about breast cancer, which was originally why I was there for. 

"I don't want to focus on curing my illness or make it a goal, because it's just a part of my life, and what's more important is how I want to live my life..."

She said  (excerpted),
"There was a time when you were vibrating sadness and bitterness,
and part of you was feeling like 
'I'm not getting to live the life I wanna live'
and that is what gets cancer to hold."
"But you're not vibrating that any more.
IF there are any aspects of you that are still vibrating that way,
just allow it, to be soothed, and to move, and to move, and to move."

"Disease is temporary as everything is
But life is not going to change unless your vibration changes."

"When you are so full and energized inside with what you want and your reason to live,
there is no pockets of stagnation, 
there's no shortage of energy flowing thru you,
it (disease) got to leave."

She told me how to "expand" by feeling, (you can do by visualizing if it's easier than feeling) and recommended that I should expand myself to make stagnated cells in my body (which are causing disease) to function properly.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

33 Live session with Lola Jones in Ojai_01

I left to Ojai in high spirits. After a couple of hours of pleasant drive alone on 101 North to 33, I arrived at the destination much earlier than my appointment. So I parked in front of someone's gorgeous front yard with tall cactus and enjoyed waiting. The whole neighborhood was in high vibration. Calm, peaceful yet so vibrant.

When I pulled up to her house finally, a little rabbit came out on the street to greet me.

Lola was just as I imagined, full of life, beautiful, and radiant. I fell in love with the grand view from her living room, looking out to the mountains. At that time I didn't expect to be able to come back there in 6 months!
She asked me,
"Where are you going? What is your vision? What would you like for your life to be like?"

Well, those are my questions all my life actually!
I am deadly lacking of long-term vision and goals!
How I wished I knew what I wanted in my life so clearly, so I could've pursued it and had it already!

Ever since I was a child, I never had a specific dream, like to become a certain professional, except for traveling all over the world.I'm simply a hopeless dreamer to keep everything vague and cannot limit any to specifics, and always let life unfold for me. In reality, I've been taking jobs an opportunities given to me, even if they were not always ideal. I had been lucky, but never satisfied.

When I was looking for a job a little before I encountered Divine OpeningsI regretted that I hadn't  established a career or mastery to get me a good job. I was depressed that "I'm nobody."  (That is a terrible "unworthiness" by the way!) 

Lola said (excerpted),
"Let go of the limit that you have to do it by traditional standard.
So many other paths in life don't work that way.
There are avenues outside those traditional main stream.
If you don't let yourself limited by the constraints and what the world says about careers
It opens the door to things that you didn't even know existed."

"If you want to do multiple things, 
just expand those possibilities,
don't figure out, just surf the next flow, and the next, and the next,
Just amp up who you really are."

It's true that I got the job which I could contribute my multiple experiences to, and most of all it pays better.  But it's not my goal so I'm expanding.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

32 Redondo Beach

All excitement of driving aside, we arrived at our friends' in my second home town, 
Redondo Beach around 8pm. 

Ellie was so kind to prepare non-salted steamed potatoes, fresh veggies and fruit for me without asking too much. She is a good friend of mine, as well as her daughter to mine. We first met at an international play group for Moms and kids in Japan, and her family relocated to L.A. due to her husband's work, and happened to find a nice property in Redondo Beach, where I lived the last 4 years of my life in California. 

We got so much to catch up with, and fun plans ahead. 

Now it's perfect again because I could leave my daughter with them during my day trip to Ojai to see Lola, and we would both be happy! 

Here we are on the left, going through a very familiar path to the beach. It's so strange for me that my friends from Japan are the local now and I'm visiting my old neighborhood led by them... Life is full of surprises and joys!

Monday, July 15, 2013

17 I got a better job! Now what...California?

I rode a bike on the 5th day, picked up my daughter who came back from her Dad’s on the 6th day, and went back to work on the 7th day like nothing happened (Nobody knew about my illness and surgery except for my managers). I was fine except that I felt vulnerable to get on a jam-packed Tokyo train because of my whole breast area aching, still partially bleeding and numb.
The very day, I received a call from my agent about a very attractive job offer. It sounded as if the post was prepared for me, and the salary was attractive as well. I was originally requesting for a better-paying job in order to cover chemical treatment, but at that point I would use that for switching to natural and organic food, and simply for a better living.
So the interview was set up the following week, and boom! I got the job on that day. (I'm enjoying the job and appreciating it every day.) Things worked out perfectly again, and my successor was found easily thus I could quit earlier than expected, to make the starting day of the new job at earliest. I mean, I planned to switch jobs without any breaks first, as the new company asked me to start ASAP, however, it turned out that they could wait.
Thus, the 2 weeks of freedom was given to me as a gift from God. How would I want to spend it?
I came up with the most brilliant and crazy idea: How about going to California?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

31 Miraculous Experience While Driving

I would like to share my amazing experience related to driving.

I was sent to Portland, Oregon in fall for a commercial film shoot in the mid '90s. That was around when I started to live independently both mentally and financially, and also my interest in traveling and exploring started to bloom. Actually it was right after my first solo travel abroad, to beautiful Norway.

 When I flew in a couple of hours before the clients' arrival, I came up with a crazy idea to go for a drive in the state of Oregon for the first time. It's my nature to enjoy the given moment at the fullest.

I picked up a mini van, and off I zoomed to the country side, on a highway going through open fields. 

Oregon greeted me joyfully. The blue of the sky, the green of the trees, the perfect weather, no traffic, and the music from the local radio! Most of all, I was so excited to find the same tall purple flowers all over the fields, which I just saw and admired during the train trip in Norway. (Later I learned that it was Fireweed.) I was feeling so HAPPY and everything was just perfect.

Then all of a sudden I got taken by a strange sensation: I felt like my body was melting out to blend with the scenery, the whole presence, as if there was no border between "me" and "outside". At the same time I got struck by a strong sense of bliss, and tears started gushing out for no reason. I heard the voice inside my saying, "Everything is all right."

This was pure joy, happiness, oneness, peace that I had never felt before.

I was still driving, but it felt like I was on auto-drive and I felt like my consciousness expanded way out of my small body.

I don't remember how long that sensation lasted, but as I was attracted to a view on the left, I pulled into a small side road that cut across to the other side of the highway, which was probably 300meters apart. I wanted to take a close look at the red barn in the field. 

I parked in the middle from both highways and enjoyed the view. 

When I got back to the van and started to pull back to turn around, the car jolted back. Thud! The rear wheels got stuck in the ditch.Uh-oh. There was no one or no car around, and there was not enough time to go back to the airport. But since I was still up in the air, I did not stress at all. 

Then I saw a car approaching on the other side of the highway,  then slowing down as it passed the road I was on, and started backing up (on a highway) to make a turn and came toward me.

"Are you all right?" It was a nice couple trying to help me. Jut when we started talking, we saw a police car coming down the highway, so we waved. Then the young policeman came and called a tow truck for me to help, and beyond our expectations, the tow-truck appeared right away!

It was amazing that everything was just happening one after another in perfect timing like a movie! 

So the van was saved and I got back on the way to the airport when traffic was getting heavy.  I knew I would be late for the clients' arrival time, but  I was still up in the air and so thankful for the whole thing, it didn't bother me much. I was just aware of the fact that "I will arrive late" but no judgement or no reaction to it, as it was no use anyway.

Turned out, the clients' flight was conveniently delayed, so everything worked out perfectly! It was not a good thing at all from a professional POV, but it was a great experience for me. I greeted my clients as if nothing happened, and felt good throughout the project.

Much later I learned that RESISTANCE makes everything difficult and complicated. ACCEPTANCE (to go with the flow and be flexible just like surfing) is the way to go. In this state we can attract "miraculous" things happen easily. Actually it is "normal" when you are connected with the whole/universe to receive help from unlimited source.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

30 Love Driving in California

Last time I got a rent-a-car, I overestimated my geographical memories and cut down on car navigation, which was a fatal mistake!

Back in the '90s we used to drive around with Thomas Guides handy, and some road maps from AAA in the glove compartment. Then in the noughties, our brains must have gotten spoiled by IT and digital devices...and forgot how to read maps and drive...or at least that was my case.

So I invested on a little GPS system and even a rental cell phone, and we flew out in the city of Los Angeles a little past  magic hour. Ah how I missed driving in L.A.!

I could go on and on about how I love driving in L.A., or California, or anywhere in the States. Whenever I was dreaming of California, I would imagine myself driving on Hwy 1 around Big Sur, overwhelmed by the breathtaking view, or shooting up on I5 north from L.A. through desert, singing at the top of my lungs with my favorite music in full blast.

I wonder if all the cancer cells in my body would dissapesr if I drive and sing like this for a day,  feeling a oneness with the whole.
In Divine Openings there is a little technique called "raving". It raises your spirit to rave about anything you could appreciate e.g. "I love my new pair of slippers! They are so comfortable and look so cute! And...", "I love my Mom! She's the best! She's so good at...", "I love my cell phone! It's so helpful and it has all the things I like, and..", "I'm so lucky to have this job! I love my colleagues and...", "I look great today! My hair looks perfect and...", "My pet is the cutest! He's so sweet and..." for about 5 minutes, either vocally or subvocally.

I usually do this when getting up in the morning to start a day with full appreciation. This makes you feel great, so I strongly recommend it!

And you could apply raving to something you really like, to enhance the vibration even more, so you will attract more of it naturally by Law of Attraction

In my case driving in CA came true in 7 months after a period of strong yearning with vivid visualization, to look back. I used Google map to simulate driving wherever I wanted, and I was simply feeling the love of driving and imagined how I would feel to be there.

 At that time I had no idea it would come true and the situation seemed hopeless.  And I did not even know about either Law of Attraction or Diving Openings then.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

29 to L.A.

It was a red-eye flight from Tokyo Haneda Airport to LAX. I'm so glad Haneda has become international airport once again since it's so handy for us!

It had been almost 3 years since the last time we visited L.A.  That was a whole different era!

When I was booking our seats online, I found meal options. There were so many choices so I was getting excited, and when I decided on "vegan", I realized it was the first time I claimed myself as "vegan" officially. I chuckled to myself, "Wow, that sounds so snobby! What kind of special menu am I getting?"

Well, soon to have found out the special privileged meal was a roll (with margarine, which is non-vegan!) and some fruit... only. Oops, I forgot that my seat was economy. But I survived through 10-hour flight because I smuggled in some emergency food.

And there we arrived in Los Angeles! I just love being there for no reason. Ever since I first visited there in my teens, I just knew that I fitted better there. I felt more alive in L.A., or in California in general. Too sad that I left there in 1999, to look back, I must have forgotten all the things I liked about being there and appreciation, but instead just complained about what I did not have or get.

Coming back there with a child is a whole new experience. People I see and what I do are totally different from what I used to. I'm happy that I got to experience both!

This time we stayed at 3 different friends', who all were so amazingly kind that I can't appreciate enough!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

28 Skype Session with Lola Jones

As far as chakra is concerned, breast cancer is a heart chakra disorder and thyroid cancer (or disease) is a communication chakra disorder. It hurt to admit but I was on the big reconstruction project of the 2 major departments.

Anyway, I felt relieved to know that my breast cancer was not at a bad stage from my POV, although it was at an advanced stage for the doctors because it metastasized to the lymph nodes 8/8, and they would treat me the same regardless of the result of PET/CT.

I could worry and suspect all my unhealthy symptoms for thyroid disorder and lived in fear, but instead, I decided to let go and enjoy the limited valuable time on my own. 

I used the next 4 days to pick up our passports, get international driver's license (how exciting to drive in CA!) , went swimming alone, had lunch with a friend without kids, besides all the errands and preparation for the trip. 

I was full of hope and enjoyed every moments. Just that I had to bring a banana or some fruit, some potatoes or rice balls without salt, nuts and dried fruit for emergency food whenever I went out, or chose Indian restaurant (safe for vegan diet) or Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodle with dipped sauce which is easy to adjust) restaurant to eat.

Also I registered for sessions with Lola Jones, who leads Divine Openings and wrote "Things Are Going Great In My Absence" finally. Since I was going to see her in person the following week, my 3 sessions would work out perfectly by Skype first for initiation, then live meeting to be fully evolved, then finish up by Skype.

Come to think of it, I believe that my encounter with this book triggered the whole evolution, which I took as treasure instead of tragedy, and amazed to look back and see how quickly things were happening in the several months, and boon! I was about to see her in person.

The Skype session with Lola was amazing. It took place past midnight my time, which worked out  fine for the quiet environment without a curious 8 year-old around. At the end, she gave me Divine Openings (I was not sure what it was then, but understood that it must be some kind of divine healing energy) , and that was so powerful that it felt as if a wind was blowing at my face from the computer screen! I felt enormous love beaming out from her and I was so happy to be meeting her in person.

Monday, July 1, 2013

27 The result of PET/CT

The following week was the last week at my previous job. Oh, how happy I was to leave there finally! I was so unhappy there and it was about time to make a move.  I tried to make a difference by changing my perceptions, but sometimes we have to make a real "move". No guilt, no calling it a failure nor give-up. Just accept the flow and follow through. 

Fortunately my successor was found in time and the handover was pretty smooth. Everything was perfect. Meanwhile, I kept myself busy with natural treatment. 

The Ionic Body Balancer arrived and I started trying it every day. (I was greedy to get the maximum effect before the trip. Usually once a week is good enough.) Interestingly, the water in foot bath changes color depending on the health condition. First it turned orange, then brown, then greenish black. It's really disgusting! But after a couple of days, it didn't go black any more and stayed brown. It's supposed to mean my gallbladder was detoxed. If you try this, do not to forget to take lots of water and Vitamin C.  I was recommended to take Emergen-C.

I was also doing Hot and Cold Shower (Water) Therapy every day (it's recommended to do 2-3 times a day), doing my vegan/raw food/no salt diet as much as possible, and walking for an hour every day (exercise for at least 1 hour/day is recommended by Dr. Schulze). 
So the week went quickly by, and Saturday I went back to the clinic for the result of my PET/CT and to make the final decision.

And the result was.....(Drum roll) 
They found no cancer in my body except something suspicious in my thyroid. Yes, they did find some "big" suspects in both sides on my thyroid. They did not specify them as cancer since they are not thyroid specialists. Instead, I was recommended that I should go to the hospital specialized in thyroid to have them checked. 

A very useful information was that breast cancer does not spread to thyroid thus this should be a separate case. I was glad that it hadn't spread to my brain, bones, liver or lung, which are the usual places for breast cancer to metastasize to.

The doctor wanted to prioritize to treat breast cancer, and had no idea how that would affect the treatment to the "problem" in thyroids. 

I figured that I could go on with natural treatment if it's nothing to do with breast cancer. So I thanked the doctor, and made it clear that I still wanted to choose natural cure.

Deep down, it was disappointing to know that there was another thing to worry about. I knew I had sensations of something stuck around my throat when I felt stress. And it is communication chakra. My communication ability was at the worst then, so no surprise.