Thursday, May 30, 2013

07 Miraculous help

When I was having desk lunch at work, I found a long-lost friend online, and before I knew it, we started chatting. I confessed to him that I had breast cancer, and was asked so may questions about all the options and how much they would cost. Then soon he got to the point to ask if it was money that I needed the most, because he found it affordable and would be glad to help.

When it comes to asking, I was the worst. I would feel ashamed, embarrassed, afraid that I might sound imprudent, greedy, stupid, etc.

First of all, it seemed out of question to take such an offer.
Second of all,  I felt guilty to prioritize my confidence as female when I should save for further treatment, preparation for lawyer fee for divorce, for my child, etc, although taking surgery wouldn't sound too bad only if I could afford the very expensive breast reconstruction.

But an innocent part of me poked rigid me and said, "Don't be too serious and say what you want!"  

Yes, it sounded wonderful. I would much rather take surgey without losing breasts than chemical treatment to lose hair and health! 
"Just take it with appreciation!"

So I dropped my ego and decided to ask for help, and happily received this unbelievably kind offer from this nice and wealthy friend to cover the most recommended course of surgery.

How lucky to be free from worries and able to move forward! How I felt so fortunate and grateful! Simply too good to be true.

Within a week I made an appointment for my surgery, and the schedule and arrangements of my child went all perfectly and smoothly.

06 Mom

Though she could have easily fallen into the most pessimistic state in her weakened health, my mother quickly converted to a natural-cure believer by researching on books, finding doctors who offer natural treatments with facts, and started making herb tea which she found should work for breast cancer.  She could barely stand by herself  at the time, but started to exercise walking on her own. She decided to get better to help me. 

I was so moved and thankful for her, and for the first time in our twisted relationship that I felt her pure love.  This was the first time I thanked my little disease.

APPRECIATION makes us feel happy. And one appreciation leads to another.

While I was torn to make decisions for my doctor on which treatment to take first, either chemical cure or mastectomy; which procedure to take, either simultaneous reconstruction or only removal; partial removal or complete removal...nothing sounded good at all, and sad but true at this point I wasn't sure enough to cure naturally. 

2 days after, a miraculous help came in.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

05 I decided to "BE HAPPY" and things started to happen

Before listing all the healthy "methods" to cure disease, I would like to state what I believe most: Being happy cures it all.

Yes, it is the ultimate natural cure. And all the methods could be led by it to support. I'm not 100% there yet, but keep tipping my nose up everyday. 

It's said that it takes about 10 years for breast cancer to form big enough to be found. I can tell that the10 years was the most stressful period of my life. But about 3 months prior to the diagnosis, I finally started to put myself together and decided to "BE HAPPY".

Ever since I decided so, things started to happen. I reconnected with my old spiritual friends, inspired and introduced what I needed to read, etc. I was deeply influenced by spiritual way of living when I lived in California in late '80s to '90s, and finally got back to the mode after 10 years of detachment from it. I finally accepted that I was angry, blaming others, victimizing myself, etc.

And when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, deep down, I wanted to believe, although it felt ironic and terrible, that it must have happened for a good reason. 

However, It was very hard to take it because I had no idea about the disease. I'm not from a cancer family or knew no one close to me had it. I was barely getting by at the time with a child of 8 years old, moved out and struggling to make the divorce. Also I just bravely set a dream to go back to California where my heart still belongs to, to start over, but as I heard the diagnosis the image broke down with loud crashing noise in my head.

To make matters worse, my mother, who I depended on to support us became ill and on wheel chair that time. It broke my heart to tell her about my health, knowing it would aggravate her status. 

But MIRACLES started to happen... or I started to take things as miracles finally.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

04 Rotation Diet and Alkaline Food

Before the official diagnosis by biopsy, I was already consulting with a friend who's a great source for natural healing.

What I learned first was that cancer is systemic illness, therefore changing the constitution is crucial. Lesson 1: Cancer body is acidified, so it needs to be alkalized.

At that time I was healthy overall, but only thing which was bothering me was the strong drowsiness after meal. I told her about it, and she immediately suspected that my body must have become sensitive and developed allergic reaction.

So I was convinced to start my first act, "Rotation Diet" and to take "Alkaline Food".

Rotation diet was to find which food my body was reacting to and to lessen the symptom by not taking the same food for 3 days. The instruction was to take 1 kind of protein, carbohydrate and any vegetables per day to rotate for 4 days. To mix this with Alkaline food diet, it was very difficult for me as a starter.

I had to avoid alcohol, coffee, milk, chocolate and wheat-related sweets because those are most acid food. And I had to avoid wheat for 3 days, which was the most difficult thing in Japan. They are not as gluten-awared as Americans!

For carbs to rotate for 4 days, I chose Quinoa (most alkaline and high in protein grain), taros, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins. For proteins, I chose lean meat or eggs, fish, dairy, and soy.
I made a food chart and tried to stick to it. I actually invented some amazing sweets, which I will post separately.

This made sense to me, and although this was not easy, I started to feel better and less drowsy. I also found myself slightly reacting to wheat. By avoiding wheat for 3 days, my skin got so much smoother!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

03 There must be a way to cure in healthy way

"You must be crazy. You got to take chemotherapy as your doctor recommended!" 
"You can't be selfish because you have a child to take care of!"
"You'll be sorry."

Those were the words I received from my mother, doctor, and my friends when I told them that I was thinking of declining chemical treatment and go for natural cure.

It was over a year ago when I took sentinel lymph node biopsy and mastectomy,  and found that my cancer was in advanced stage, thus suggested the full course: chemotherapy, hormone treatment, and radiation treatment.

Honestly, I just simply didn't understand the concept that chemical treatment is a must for prevention of recurrence even if no cancer found in PET/CT. How can most of people accept and take as suggested? 

There must be a way to cure in healthy way than to kill cancer cells (which is not 100% effective anyway) with side effects which could severely damage you both physically and emotionally! 

02 My life purpose is to be happy

My life purpose is to be happy, and my purpose here is to 

show that there is natural cure as an option besides chemical cure for breast cancer (as well as for other diseases) because doctors never tell you about this at the heart-breaking diagnosis,and to be of help to anyone who needs the information, 
hopefully to get inspired by or encouraged by, and most of all to be happy.
I also would like to exchange experiences and thoughts with anyone who follows the same path.

I don't mean to offend people who chose chemical treatment. What I believe is whatever you choose is right for you, no matter what. And if you want to make changes, that's when it's good to change!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

01 Prologue

---To all my family and friends who have been supporting me and bringing about miracles to me---

Just when I decided to start this blog, this shocking news about Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy prevailed the whole world. Although I greatly respect her bravery and love for her children to make them feel safe--in fact I did take mastectomy myself for not having enough information in limited time--, my perception toward the disease is simply opposite of hers.

Because what I chose after so much confusion and among so many choices was natural cure, which I always believed against chemical cure.

Of course It felt horrible, as if it was the end of the world when I first found out about my breast cancer. I was struggling in the endless process of divorce with a child, and I just could not afford to take such serious disease. I was at a loss.

To look back,  that's when my life has turned out to wonderful!! 

Believe it or not.